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Edited by: Rozalinda Borcilă, Jayne Hileman, and Jacob Klippenstein
Chicago, IL: AREA Chicago, 2015
Pages: 40
Dimensions: 11.5" x 17" unfolded
Cover: soft (newspaper stock)
Binding: double-fold
Process: web offset
Color: Two color cover, b&w throughout 
Edition Size: 3000
ISBN: none

AREA Chicago continues to be a great and trusted resource for the merging of art, research, education and activism happening in Chicago. We are always happy to continue carrying everything the collective publishes. Here are the details straight from the source: 

Topics for AREA #15: Healing and Repair

Resistance and Survival: Black Communities, food sovereignty & climate change; Mother’s struggles against the CPD murder of Black youth; trauma & art practice, resistance to systemic violence in the “War on Drugs”

Reparations: Reparations from slavery, The John Burge Reparations Ordinance, Torture Justice Memorials

Within and Against the Law: Healthcare institutions and capitalist restructuring; healthcare & systemic barriers to trans youth; Mental Health Movement; healthcare promotion & immigrant youth; food & power at Cook County Jail; prison health care Injustice; the Chicago Community Bond Fund

Coming Together in Struggle: Disability Rights perspective on Black Lives Matter; the Healing Justice Teaching Circle; First Responders and disabled communities; Trauma Center Struggles; Internalized Oppression; Healing through art and community-building

With contributions by: Chi-Nations Youth Council; members of We Charge Genocide: Page May, Hana Worku, Breanna Champion, Monica Trinidad, Ethan Viets-Van Lear, Kush Thompson; Semillas Autónomas; Eric Kofi Malone, Diallo Kenyatta, Theodore Richards, Safia Rashid, Gregory Bratton, Kenya Vera Sample, Julian Sample, Michael Tekhen; Panzy Edwards, Daphne Jackson; Brian Sykes; Kamm Howard and Larry Redmond; BYP100; Anthony Holmes, Dorothy Burge, Darrell Cannon; The Chicago Torture Justice Memorials; Chicago Community Bond Fund; Mary Bowman; Cassie Warren; N’Dana Carter; Maria Ferrera; Food not Bombs Pilsen; Alan Mills with Angela McClellan, Adrienne Canady, Jerri Lindsey and Gianna X; Tinotheus Gordon; Stephanie Camba, Nina Metsovaara, Erin Raether, and Tanuja Jagernauth; Kelly Hayes with Ejeris Dixon & Ash Stephens; Danelene Powell-Watts, Candace Coleman, Carrie Kaufman; Veronica Morris Moore; Phylis Humphries; Members of Escolta St. Snatchers Social Club: Raven Guerrero, Nasstasha Camba, Jenn Buckler, Crystle Dino, Stephanie Camba, and Sarah Jane Rhee.


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