Edited by Rebecca Zorach and Dan S. Wang
Chicago: AREA, 2009
Pages: 45
Dimensions: 11.5 in  x 17 in
Cover: soft (newspaper stock)
Binding: double-fold
Process: digital
Color: black, white and purple cover and centerfold, b&w throughout
Edition Size: 5000
ISBN: none

The full title of this installment is "AREA Chicago #9 Peripheral Vision – A Local Reader Inside and Outside Chicago". It takes a broad multifaceted look at how Chicago relates to and relies on other places considered peripheral to the city. Cities are much more than centers with hubs. They are constant flows of people, energy, food, bodies, labor, and more. Paying too much attention to a center means not seeing the interesting and vital things that are happening away from it.

This paper, like each issue of AREA, is about Chicago, but is useful well beyond the city for helping us all think about how we relate to and act in the place we live.

The paper is broken into three sections: Section I – AREA Calumet, Section II – Circulation: Movement Between Center and Periphery, and Section III – Views from the Periphery.

Contributors include: Joann Podkul, Charles Vinz, Anthony Rayson, Bert Stabler, Jayne Hileman, Samuel Barnett, Rebecca Zorach, Dinah Ramirez, Mara Naselli, Carrie Breitbach, Ryan Hollan & Andrew Greenlee, Claire Pentecost, Paul Sargent, Laurie Palmer, Quincy Saul, Sarah Kavage, Gloria Ortiz with Rebecca Zorach, Mike Wolf, Stephanie Farmer & Sean Noonan, P. Genesius Durica, Ashley Weger, Dale Asis, Lorenza Perelli, Carol Ng-He, Nicole Marroquin, Wade Tillett, Steve Macek and Rebecca Zorach, Larry Shure, Shannon Beaudry, Joey Pizzolato, Brian Schultz, Ashley Weger with Chuck Lee, Daniel Tucker with David Meyers, Carolyn Thomas, & Sarah Jean McHugh, Nicolas Lampert, Alex Yablon, Chase Bracamontes, Serhii Chrucky with Ashley Weger, Donna Kiser & Erin Moore, Beth Gutelius, Mildred Williamson & Michelle Lugalia, Mairead Case et al, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Matthias Regan, Marry Patten

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