NOTE: Our copies of this issue have some creases across the cover from bad machine folding. They are in fine shape otherwise.

Edited by: Rozalinda Borcilă, Jacob Klippenstein, Mohamed Mehdi, Sarah Mendelsohn, Hannah Baptiste, Erica Meiners
Chicago, IL: AREA Chicago, 2014
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 11.5" x 17"
Cover: soft (newspaper stock)
Binding: double-fold
Process: web offset
Color: Two color cover, b&w throughout 
Edition Size: 5000
ISBN: none

It's always a happy day when a new issue of AREA Chicago hits the streets (or for you, your mailbox). Every issue is the result of so much work, collaboration, and the collection of so many stories and voices. 

“Whether it is in the emotional economy of self-making or the neoliberal economy of globalized capital, childhood is a token to be cashed for grown-up profit. In embarking on a project that sketches some of the dimensions of what it means to be growing up in Chicago today, this poses a key challenge. Can we learn to listen, even before we pose our questions, in ways that extract the idea and experience of childhood from these perilous exchanges? In writing, thinking, struggling in relation to childhood can we change our practices, our spaces, and our pace, so that we can find resources for resisting its commodification and commercialization? Several of the writers in this issue document steps in this direction, steps that can help us to be more attuned to what children can teach us about what we should be struggling for.”

The many contributors to this issue are: Ave Rivera, Owaldo Gomez & Ross Floyd interviewed by Jacob Klippenstein & Sarah Mendelsohn, Carrie Kaufman, Laura Sachiko Fugikawa, Rebecca Kling, Victoria "Torii" Crider, Nate Marshall, Chiara Galimberti with Oona & Florence Winners, Tom Veed, Euan Hague with Kathy McGroarty-Torres, The Chicago Childcare Collective, Michael Johnson, Chelsea Cossu, Tempestt Hazel, Brenda Hernandez, Wade Tillet, Kristen Atkinson, Mariame Kaba, Eva Nagao & Mary Scott-Boria, Debbie Southorn, Lisa Angonese, Nikki Zaleski, Bianca Diaz, Erica Meiners, Moratorium on Deportations Campaign, Amanda Hope, Iván Arenas, Rachel Caidor, Frank Edwards, Gilad Shanan, with contributions from Delores Rita, Annie Stone, and Christine Harrell, Jane Hereth and Lewis Wallace, Nikki Zaleski with members from Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health's Youth Leadership Council, Geoff Hing and AREA staff.

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