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By: Peter Miles Bergman, is Press & The Institute for Sociometry
Denver, CO: is Press, 2020 (9th printing)
Pages: 20
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5”
Cover: softcover with inserted bookmark
Binding: stitch-binding
Process: laser printed with letterpress insert
Color: full color
Edition Size: 50, numbered
ISBN: none

IS Press makes beautiful publications and spares no amount of labor for their small and inexpensive editions like this delightfully subversive project. From the publisher:

LLiLL – Leftist Leaflets in Little Libraries documents a year long project of procuring and distro’ing feminist, punk, critical theory, and other leftist themed zines to Little Free Libraries in affluent areas of Denver. The project resulted in a personal essay reflecting on the first amendment, free speech, and academic tenure. All proceed from the sales of LLiLL zines get turned around to purchase more leftist zines!


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