By: Kaitlin Kostus
Chicago: Temporary Services, October 2014

Pages: 36
Format: fixed-layout epub (scans made from Risograph printed zine)

The Midwest, and Chicago in particular is the home to many people with Eastern European ancestory. Kaitlin Kostus and eight contributors take a home-town look at the Eastern European diaspora. From Latvia to Serbia, from Ukrainian Village to Polish Village, the people are chanting "Koshka!" 

From Kaitlin Kostus:

Taking my hometown of Chicago as inspiration, this issue explores the Eastern European diasporas of Chicago and the surrounding Midwest US, with a focus on personal histories, cultural communities, mythology amongst family lines, and sense of belonging.

Featuring work by:

- Jen Blair (writing) 
- Robert Krums (cover art) 
- Anna Krztón (comics) 
- Dan Pogozelski with Robert Reid, Jacob Kaplan, and Elisa Addlesperger (writing and photo essay) 
- Mel Potter and Mat Rappaport (art and writing) 
- Tony Sparrow (art and writing) 
- Tom Vasilj (writing)

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