By 'Fats', George Frison, William Jones, Erica R. Meiners, James Piggues, Sarah Ross, Johnny Taylor, Devon Terrell, Feresteh Toosi, and Alan White
Chicago: Temporary Services, October 2014
Pages: 20

This is an epub of Temporary Services booklet #105—another all Risograph printed publication for our group. This booklet, designed by Temporary Services, is authored and illustrated by an Illinois-based group of artists, teachers, activists and prisoners. It sensitively explores the movement in time in prison, as compared to the speed of life and labor on the outside. Here's the first paragraph of the introduction:

"Inside prisons, time is slow. People mark time, struggle to accrue good time, and imagine ways to make up for lost time with loved ones. Time lingers: waiting to be “keyed out,” waiting for a letter, waiting for a hearing, waiting to get through the gates, waiting for a visitor. Time works against people, particularly the non-white and the poor: select nine-year-olds become juveniles culpable for their actions, some fifteen-year-olds are tried as adults, and people struggle to survive sentences of eighty years (equivalent to a natural life, yet not sentenced as such). If sentenced before or after the signing of specific laws, one can serve vastly more or less time. Mandatory minimums, indeterminate sentences, “truth in sentencing,” parole, and probation all produce specific kinds of time: “hard” time, surveilled time, analog time, stretched time."

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