By: Brett Bloom and Nuno Sacramento
Publisher: Aburn, IN: Breakdown Break Down Press, 2017
Pages: 104
Format: PDF
ISBN: 9-780952-890133

I was coming to see that facts carry a traveler only so far: at last he must penetrate the land by a different means, for to know a place in any real and lasting way is sooner or later to dream it. That’s how we come to belong to it in the deepest sense.
— William Least Heat-Moon, PrairyErth

This book develops and encourages you to inhabit — through narratives or spatialized experiences — Deep Maps of places you want to understand in a robust, inclusive, and expansive ways, which is not possible with traditional mapping. Maps tell you more about yourself, the narratives you construct, and the values you explicitly or implicitly hold, than they do about an actual place. To get an understanding of an actual place, one must inhabit its multiple overlapping contradictory stories simultaneously. To this end, we began to construct Deep Maps. We were inspired by the American author, William Least Heat-Moon’s book PrairyErth, and the way that he envisions a written or narrative Deep Map of a place.

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