By: Brett Bloom, Marco Clausen, Bonnie Fortune, and Åsa Sonjasdotter
Berlin, Germany: The Neighborhood Academy, 2016
Pages: 70

This book is in German and English.

Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune worked with Marco Clausen and Åsa Sonjasdotter, from the Neighborhood Academy, located in the Prinzessinengarten in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin, to make this publication. In the summer of 2015, the team went all over Berlin and out into Brandenburg to talk with farmers, gardeners, and food activists about the future of food in the bio-region. They looked at various threats to the long term food security, or alternatively, food solidarity, in the area. They spoke with farmers about the land grabbing that makes it difficult to get access to land for raising food. The unique history of this and its control by East Germany for several decades also impacted the current situation putting pressures that are not seen in other parts of the country. This book covers many things like the return to using horses on small farms, struggles against the storage of nuclear waste or sequestering carbon, the presence of neo-Nazis in large numbers in rural areas, green corridors, and more. The book's main intention is to help to begin many conversations between people in the city and the region— conversations that were not happening on a scale visible in mainstream, or even independent, cultural awareness.  

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