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By: Stephen Perkins
Chicago: Temporary Services, December 2014
Pages: 24
Dimensions: 5.5 in” x 8.5” in
Cover: soft cover
Binding: staple bound
Process:Risograph and Photocopy
Color: Two-color Risograph 
Edition Size: 303
ISBN: none

Temporary Services booklet #111!

For ten years, artist, art historian, collector, curator, archivist and gallerist Stephen Perkins has organized exhibitions in the small first floor bathroom of his family's home in De Pere, Wisconsin. In this booklet, Perkins lays out his reasons for starting the WC Gallery and describes some of the shows he has organized, which include exhibits by Jean Toche of Guerrilla Art Action Group, Amos Kennedy Jr., David Medalla, Arda Ishkhanian, Jack Hirschman, works on paper from Latin America, Eastern European conceptual art, and more. A chronology of exhibitions and illustrations of ephemera from some of the shows are also included. 


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