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By Michael Parker
Los Angeles, CA: Self-published, 2009
Pages: 60 with double-sided poster
Dimensions: 17" X 11" with 24" X 36" poster"
Cover: Paper
Binding: none
Process: offset newsprint and offset poster on heavy gloss stock
Color: color
Edition size: 2000
ISBN: none

This is without a doubt one of the most strikingly unusual and interesting artist projects and publications we have seen in a long time. A sort of college yearbook as newspaper with the most amazing double-sided poster class photo of Michael's class-mates posed atop electrical poles. We could not be more excited to be carrying this - a publication for a project that seemingly came out of nowhere yet arrives with the most fully formed intentions and aesthetic decisions and a delightful spirit of camaraderie.

From Michael Parker:

"In 2009, I joined an electrical lineman class at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College a few blocks from my graduate studio. The “power class” taught fifty, 18-46 year olds, how to become power-pole technicians; a highly-skilled and well-paid trade. As a student, I investigated art’s potential in this diverse microtopia. ‘Lineman’ is the culmination of four months at the power-pole training yard making performances, videos, photographs and oral histories. It combines hundreds of photographs with texts from each classmate. Quoting Mr. Hammond's on page 21: “It was like, this atmosphere of power. The power itself wants me with it. It wants me to join with it.”

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