By: Public Collectors
Publisher: Chicago, IL: Public Collectors, 2017
Pages: 2-sided bookmark
Dimensions: 2" X 8"
Cover: Soft
Binding: None
Process: Offset
Color: Full color
Edition Size: 5000
ISBN: None

A new dimension in Public Collectors' Library Excavations project: a bookmark you can fill out to advocate for items that you don't want public libraries to discard.

Libraries discard a lot of material, but this process is not one that usually incorporates the public's input. Sometimes weeding, as it's called, is well justified in cases where a book is heavily damaged, or the library owns far more copies of a once-popular item than it needs. Other times material that one person might feel is outdated or no longer relevant, could be something that a patron considers historically important or newly relevant because of a recent development in a given field.

These bookmarks are designed to be filled out by patrons and left inside titles that they think a library should retain. These could be books, but also bound periodicals, records, DVDs, or VHS tapes. These bookmarks were particularly created with reference titles in mind - especially reference titles that are in areas that the public can browse without the help of a librarian, which can make public use harder to track.

Note that these are sold in bundles of 10 bookmarks. If you order multiple sets the price drops considerably. The image in this listing shows the front and back sides of the bookmarks.

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