By Jen Hoyer and Josh MacPhee
Interference Archive, New York, NY 2022
Pages: 40
Dimensions: 5 in x 7.5 in
Cover: Paper
Process: RISO
Color: two color RISO
Edition: 600
ISBN: none

If you've ever visited Interference Archive you know that's it's a truly special place filled with impossibly interesting and inspiring printed and recorded resources that one can get lost in for hours. Their history of exhibits, publications, events, and actions have made the archive a vital endeavor for contemporary social movements and not just a repository for exploring the past. This booklet is a great guide to the thought that goes into such a project. From the back cover: 

"A heavily illustrated discussion of the development of Interference Archive as a unique and enduring counter-institution rooted in preserving and sharing the culture of social movements. For over a decade, Interference has functioned as a fiercely independent, all-volunteer, public-facing archive—which doubles as a reading room, exhibition and event space, podcast base, pedagogical hub, and social center. Rooted in the simple idea that “use is preservation,” Hoyer and MacPhee lay out the history and principles behind Interference and what makes it unique, but also feature and platform a half dozen other archives doing similar work in the US."  
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