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By Friends of the Pleistocene
New York: smudge studio, 2011
Pages: 46
Dimensions: 8.25" x 4.5
Cover: soft
Binding: staple-bound with glued on fold-over cover
Process: FSC paper, vegetable inks
Color: full color
Edition Size: unknown
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9838034-0-9

We recently learned of smudge studio's interdisciplinary practice and innovative and expertly produced publications from our pal Julia Klein at Soberscove Press and we are happy to carry some of their work. smudge is a collaboration between Jamie Kruse and Elizabeth Ellsworth. They write: "Our current project meets sites and moments where the geologic and the human converge. We creatively respond to the complex of forces we encounter there: the natural, built, historic, strategic and the imagined."

Here's what they have to say about this publication in particular:

"Geologic City: a Field Guide to the GeoArchitecture of New York takes you to 20 sites where you can sense the geologic pulse of New York City. With the field guide in hand, residents and visitors are able to interact with both unfamiliar and iconic New York architecture and infrastructure in unexpected ways: by sensing for themselves the forces and flows of geologic material that give form to the built environment of the City.

The City’s architecture and infrastructure depends upon extractions of geologic materials that took millennia to form. Yet, we have virtually no cultural awareness of this reality. Some people argue that this is because humans are cognitively incapable of imagining deep time. We disagree. With this field guide, we offer a speculative tool that humans can use to project their imaginations into deep time as they move through the City. We believe that as works made in response to geologic time become more common, human capacities to design, imagine, and live in relation to deep time will expand."

More information on this project at this link: http://fopnews.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/new-york-city-is-a-geologic-force-geologic-city-report-13/

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