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By Museums and Exhibition Studies Program at University of Illinois at Chicago
Park Ridge, IL, printed by Stepsister Press 2016
Pages: 256
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ISBN: 978-0-9802300-6-2

The first issue of this exciting new journal begins with this statement from Therese Quinn: "Museums are in trouble. Attendance is declining; visitors and employees of color are poorly represented; and as fair workplaces, museums disappoint."

Right away, it's clear that this isn't gonna be any old status quo journal on museum and exhibition studies! What a relief to see a new publication that really takes on our current social and political moment, what it means to work in a museum today, and how things urgently need to change. The contents of this hefty and highly recommended issue, and a description from the editors are as follows:

Museums, like all other social institutions, reflect the tensions and contradictions of their times. The Museum and Exhibition Studies (MUSE) Graduate Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago proposes that museum problems, including declining attendance, homogenous employee and visitor demographics, and inequitable workplaces, and are deeply seeded in the field and its professions and that remedies will require radical reimagining and change. 

Responding to the urgencies of the moment and recognizing the need to transform museums and our cultural work within their spaces, MUSE offers this new journal. Fwd: Museums signals a desire to lift up and forward ideas that might push our collective thinking about cultural work. 
This volume explores the theme of inaugurations, or firsts and beginnings, with over 20 contributions from scholars and creative practitioners.

2 Welcome by Therese Quinn
3 Introduction by Devin Malone
4 Acknowledgements & Publication Team
5 My Art Museum Mission by LaTanya S. Autry
6 The Visitors of Color Project: Centering and Privileging People (in the Margins of Museums) by Porchia Moore and nikhil trivedi
7 A Doodled Vision for a Latino Museum by Ranald Woodaman
8 Querida Xicanita by Stephanie Hernández
9 Exhibit Review - Stevie Hanley's "Synaesthetica" by Evelyn Yeung 
10 The First Time I was Made into an Art Object by Melissa Romeo
11 The Object Effect by Nora Sternfeld
12 Her Room as an Exhibit by Elizabeth Anh Thomson
13 Exhibit Review - Lonely Amid the Crowd: Laura Davis at Threewalls by Elizabeth Lalley
14 My First Digital Exhibit: Mr. Boller's Scrapbook by April Lynne Earle
15 Face Value: Identity and Adaptation in Chicago's Chinatown by Jacob Yeung
16 The Virtual Museum of the Bulgarians in North America: Shared Heritage and Intercultural Communications by Dilyana Ivanova
17 My First Scathing Letter to the Editor by Javairia Shahid
18 Trauma Memory Healing: Exhibiting the August 7th 1998 Bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi by Dr. Kiprop Lagat
19 Book Review - Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display by Emese R. Toth
20 Jotería Undocumented by Gabriela S. Hernandez Martinez
21 It Would Be My Honor to Work for Free by Sarah Padilla
22 Museums Respond to Black Lives Matter & Beyond: A 5 Part Retrospective by Monica O. Montgomery
23 Human Rights Abuses Committed by the Guggenheim and Louvre Museums on Saadiyat Island by Kara Hendrickson
24 Audio Description; Say What You See by Elizabeth Anh Thomson
25 A Very Brave and Courageous Thing: Museums and the Power to Reshape Historic Narratives of People of Color by Jackie Peterson
26 Book Review - Anarchist's Guide to Historic House Museums by Elizabeth Lalley
27 #FERGUSON_SEA: A 10 Day Study in Social Media and Responsive Programming by Leilani Lewis and Chieko Phillips
28 De museos, identidades, jóvenes y desplazamientos en el Trópico de Capricornio by Jorge Arturo Albuja Tutivén
29 Promises to My Future Self by Courtney Sass


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