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By Museums and Exhibition Studies Program at University of Illinois at Chicago
Park Ridge, IL, printed by Stepsister Press 2017
Pages: 200
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Issue number two of this journal from the Museums and Exhibition Studies Program at University of Illinois at Chicago asks, on the back cover: "How do museums respond to the urgency of the moment? In what ways can they be critically transformed to foster social justice work?" Well, damn if that isn't one of the key questions right now for this field of work! For this "small" themed issue (which isn't so small at all), Fwd presents artworks, essays, poetry, and other creative forms that explore topics such as, in their words:

* Small alternative exhibition spaces

• Marginalized identities challenging dominant structures

• Impacts of small objects in and outside of museums

• Unique possibilities, challenges, and contexts offered by small museums and exhibitions

• Perspectives of museum workers in "small" positions

• Smallness and consumability

Here's the complete Table of Contents for this issue:



1 Table of Contents

2 Acknowledgements  & Publication Team

3 Language Matters by Javairia Shahid
4 Welcome by The Floating Museum
5 Introduction by Sarita Hernández

6 Value of Small Things         
7 The Society of Smallness; A Brief History by Georgina Valverde
8 Life in Miniature: An Ode to the Thorne Rooms by Elizabeth Lalley 
9 Fresh Theft: Consuming Art by Yasmin Zacaria Mitchel
10 Small Things with Great Love: An Art Department - Library Exhibition Initiative by Jane Darcovich
11 A Conversation By The Loo on Artist Run Spaces by Noora Al Balushi

12 Engagement            
13 Lift to release (white cube) by Juan Camilo Guzmán 
14 Expanding Care: Curation in the Age of Engagement by Aletheia Wittman
15 Size Misprint: Architecture of Power by Silvia Gonzalez
16 Small objects, big impact by Laura Phillips

17 Marginalization      
18 The Art Museum Chasm by Marjorie Schwarzer
19 Critical Narratives of the Marginalized by Karen Vidángos
20 La Madre Chiquita by William Camargo
21 The World in a Box by Tim Gorichanaz

22 Location     
23 Compressed, Compact, Concise, and Refined: A Museum in Switzerland by Deniz Balık
24 Air, Water, and Earth: Lessons on communication from a museum in the mountains by Michelle Dezember
25 Open Table by Roni Packer
26 Hong Kong Identity: Utilizing the Small to Challenge the Big by Benjamin J. Hruska
27 The Fine Art of Reduction: Diminishment, Distance and Taylor’s Panorama of Sydney by Meighen S. Katz

28 Disturbing Histories
29 Book Review--Museums, Heritage, and Indigenous Voice: Decolonising the Museum by Alexis Mixon
30 Selections from "Focusing (Vol. II)" by alejandro t. acierto
31 Book Review--Bone Rooms: Shedding Light on the Problematic Past of Anthropologists and Museums by Benjamin L. Locke
32 Confronting the Holocaust: Immersive Counter-Memorials as Sites of Collective Memory by Lillian Hussong
33 The White Palace of the West by Jonathan Kelley

34 About the Contributors    


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