By: Sarah Nicholls
Brainwashing From Phone Towers, NYC, NY 2019
Pages: 20 panel accordion printed on both sides 
Dimensions: 7.75 in x 5.25 in
Cover: soft cover 
Binding: Accordion format that folds into a cover slit like a folio
Process: Linocut and letterpress printing
Color: four color 
Edition Size: 300
ISBN: none

We have been big fans of Sarah Nicholls' publications since we picked them up many years ago at some of the first iterations of Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair. Sarah doesn't make a lot of copies and rarely sells them outside of her own web site and at art book fairs. We asked for years to get her to sell her publications through our store and she wouldn't. We finally talked her into getting three titles. We invited Nicholls to contribute to a publication we made where artist publishers reflect on the waste their publishing efforts generate. You can read her contribution in it: Artist Publishers Reflect on Book Waste.

Nicholls' description of the publication:

"The last pamphlet of 2019 is about: transportation networks, bicycling in the city, the Jamaica Bay Greenway, landfills, Robert Moses, how to get where you need to go, Starrett City and their seaside view, and finally, the Shirley Chisholm State Park out in East New York. It follows a bike ride that I took last fall  that I particularly enjoyed. I hope you enjoy the pamphlet as well."

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