By:Temporary Services
Chicago: Half Letter Press, August 2022
Pages: 36
Dimensions: 5.5” x 8.5”
Cover: soft cover 
Binding: staple bound
Color: full color
Edition Size: 1000
ISBN: 978-1-7320514-4-7

A new booklet of Temporary Services' ongoing photographic Public Phenomena work—the first since the now out of print publication Abandoned Signs from 2017. 

Temporary Services has been documenting what we call Public Phenomena since we began working together in 1998. Car-Stoppers is our latest publication collecting informal urban modifications created from the ground up—in this case, modest structures built and placed to prevent cars from damaging garages and other structures. Nearly all of these photos—almost 50 in total—were taken in Chicago over a span of sixteen years. A short essay surveying the culture of Chicago alleys and the range of things we've documented is also included. 



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