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By: Terence Hannum
Chicago: Self-published, 2010
Pages: unknown
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Cover: soft
Binding: staple-bound booklet inside sealed envelope
Process: digital
Color: b&w throughout
Edition size: 50

Chicago-based artist Terence Hannum has been working with the imagery and rituals of underground music subcultures for some time - both as a performer in the bands Locrian and Unlucky Atlas, and as a visual artist using drawing, painting, video and publications. Hannum also co-organized the series Hardcore Histories at Mess Hall in Chicago, alongside Marc Fischer, Andre Foisy, Paul Lloyd Sargent, and Matthias Regan.

The man has a deep love of music and a particularly strong interest in self-publishing. We're not even going to try to count how many 'zines, cassettes, buttons, flyers, posters and records this guy has made at this point, but we are very happy to start selling his stuff, which has been getting increasingly sumptuous and experimental.

For "Black Arts" Hannum has made a publication so dark that we can't fully tell you what it is. The publication comes in a sealed envelope that has been further closed to prying eyes by a stamp pressed into hot black wax. We were able to preview one copy of the contents, in the safety of a crowd of other viewers who may or may not still be alive, and what we saw was a beautiful publication with lovely black printing on black paper. You'll want to pick this up to further unlock its secrets. If this envelope contains some kind of curse or spell, we will not be held responsible.

Only 50 copies of this were produced so don't delay.
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