If you are a representing an online or book store, museum, gallery, university or other entity and would like to set up a wholesale account, please email us, and we will get you started.

We encourage individuals, collectives, groups, and others to start their own book selling initiatives. To this end, we offer many Temporary Services and Half Letter Press books and booklets at our wholesale rate of 40% for 10 copies (minimum) of our booklets and books.

Some ideas about buying at wholesale rates:

Are you going to be selling your own stuff at a book fair, 'zine fair, art fair, craft show, concert, information exchange, or other event? Want something else to sell so that you have more stock and more ways to make money? Consider purchasing 10 or more copies of our publications at wholesale.

Do you know a bunch of other people who might like some of our titles? Go in on a purchase together and everyone can save money. If you can't find a buyer for every copy, barter the extra publications with friends for other things you might like. Do you want to use one of our publications with your students in a class you are teaching? We are happy to give price breaks for educators on the titles we publish.

All we ask is that you please not sell our publications for more than we do. We give you 40% off with the expectation that you'll raise the prices by 40%. We try to keep our things cheap enough so that everyone is able to buy them. This often makes them easier to sell too so keep that in mind!

Contact us for details: publishers@halfletterpress.com.